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Away from the studio I have been developing my motion blur photography. See more here

I’ve been involved in music both performing and recording for more than 25 years now. I’ve seen the industry evolve from tape based studios with huge mixing consoles and stacks of outboard gear to today’s minimal computer based systems. I’ve loved every minute of that development and always get excited about new features and possibilities. I see technology as another organic part of the creative palette. It presents options and inspiration and should never feel like it gets in the way.

Simon Painter

Simon....that’s me then!!

Production Music. I have worked with my writing partner, Ian Clarke, as Diva Music, on numerous projects in this field. We have written and produced work that ranges from aggressive, in your face music to beautiful and atmospheric pieces and pretty much everything in between. We’ve worked with several different publishers over the years and the material has been used on ads by Budweiser, Mazda, Lucozade and Legoland and also on numerous TV programmes including Friends.

I’ve also written on my own and with Bob Holroyd to create many more production tracks for various publishers.

Carter USM. In the early 1990’s I worked as engineer and producer with Carter USM. I even ended up performing live with the band on a number of occasions include the Astoria London and on tour in Europe. We had great success with several top 30 singles and a number one album.