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The Studio

The studio took six months to complete and was designed as a pleasant and relaxing environment in which to produce my own work. Primarily a writing, mixing and production suite it has also proved great for recording live instruments such as vocals, guitars, flute, sax, cello, trumpet and percussion. An estate agent might call it compact but it never seems to feel claustrophobic. Due to the single room design of the studio it is not suited to recording drums or a whole live band.

All recording and production is carried out using Cubase Pro 8.5 on a six core pc. I’ve been working on this platform for many years now and am always amazed at the quality,flexibility and creative possibilities that it offers.

Over time I have built up a collection of effects plugins and virtual instruments that I feel really enhance the studio’s capabilities.

My philosophy in the studio and my work is that there are no hard and fast rules and if it sounds good that’s what counts. I’m not into messing with stuff just for the sake of it but if I think there is a creative opportunity to be had I’m you’re man!


AKG 414 ULS Mic

AKG C1000 Mic

Sure SM58 Mic

Rode K2 valve mic

Cubase Pro 9.5

Sony Soundforge 10

Cd Architect

RME Babyface audio interface

Celemony, Melodyne pitch manipulation plugin

PSP Vintage warmer compresser

Frontier Design Alphatrack hardware controller

M-Audio Code 61 Keyboard

Fatar SL 880 88 note wooden weighted kbd

Line 6 Pod Xtlive guitar processor

Line 6 Variax Guitar

Line 6 Variax 5string Bass Guitar

Martin DM Acoustic