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Simon Painter Production is a professional recording studio based in Farnham, Surrey.

Recording Studio

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I offer a range of musical services in a relaxed and creative environment including recording, production and mastering. The studio is ideal for singers and songwriters. I’ve also hosted quite a number of singing parties where singers of all ages can record their favourite songs.

I’m a professional musician and composer myself so I understand the whole creative process and demands whilst in the studio and can use my considerable experience to help you as much as you need to get the results you want.

Singers wanting to record demos etc can now purchase and download amazing backing tracks so they can practise and make the best of their studio time. More details

Chamberlain Music Haslemere

After 15 years I am moving the studio so I won’t be taking any new bookings at the moment.

I would like to say thanks so much to everyone who I’ve worked with over the years in this great little studio.